Mutagenicity and Carcinogenicity Prediction of Compounds from Cardamom (Elettaria cardamom Maton.)

S.Balaji1 and B.Chempakam 2

Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut 673012, Kerala, India.

In silico approaches are currently not employed in any of the spices to study the toxicity. The aim of this study is to find the most efficacious molecule which does not have any adverse effects. In the present study one hundred and eight compounds from cardamom were used to predict mutagenicity and carcinogenecity. The results of these studies indicate that only four compounds are non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic. The rest of the compounds do not have the characteristics necessary to become therapeutic agents have been identified early and prevented (i.e., the fail early, fail fast approach) from entering the drug development process.

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